Lectures and masterclass

Duo Ventus have held Lectures at the Royal Danish Academy of Music since 2019. Since then they've developed material for Lecture in Collaborative Practice, Performance Psychology and entrepreneurship.

When we established our ensemble, we decided to use collaborative practice as a tool to strengthen our interaction and speed up our learning process. We have collected data on collaborative practice, that we aim to share with young musicians.

Therefore, we give lectures on the subjects of performance psychology and entrepreneurship, emphasizing collaboration. Our aim is to provide insights and strategies that can enhance their musical performances and empower them to navigate the entrepreneurial aspects of the music industry.


Chamber music

With our experience and understanding of ensemble dynamics, we are equipped to guide and mentor aspiring chamber musicians. Our ability to inspire artistic growth has garnered praise from students and colleagues.



We teach all different kinds of ensembles and welcome any groups who aspire to develop their chamber music skills - regardless of instrument and constellation.