Louise Mogensen and Michaela Hansen, is a driving force in the world of chamber music. They push the boundaries of the flute and clarinet repertoire. The duo offer classical music, original works written specifically for the ensemble, transcriptions, and compositions commissioned from a diverse group of composers.

Duo Ventus understands the importance of introducing new works. They dedicate time to expanding their repertoire and actively collaborate on arranging works for the ensemble. Their diverse repertoire is adaptable to a wide range of occasions.

Duo Ventus' musicianship and captivating performances have garnered them well-deserved recognition. The jury of the DR P2 Chamber Music Competition praised them as an ensemble that skillfully reaches out to the audience:

The prize goes to an ensemble that reaches out to the audience. As one organism, through musicianship, they tell stories about joy, melancholy, thoughtfulness and unexpected surprise. A mature musicianship with great character from a young and modern ensemble

Jury DR P2 Chamber Music Competition

Since Ventus won the Busan Maru International Concerto Competition the ensemble has expanded their repertoire by commissioning new arrangements and performing as soloists with symphony orchestras.

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