Ventus have formed partnerships with several talented musicians and offer a diverse repertoire ranging from folk music, film music to classical music.

Through Ventus democratic approach, the unique strength and perspective of each artist results in boundary-pushing performances.

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Duo Ventus strongly believes in allowing each artist to contribute their unique strengths to the creative process. By embracing this philosophy, Ventus aims to create a common ground when working together with other talented artists. This democratic approach ensures that everyone's skills and perspectives are valued, fostering an environment where each collaborator can shine and contribute their best.

Notably, Ventus has worked closely with renowned artists such as Åkervinda, Twincussion and Bjarke Mogensen. In addition to their collaborations with fellow musicians, Ventus has also worked with percussion ensembles, vocal ensembles, and string ensembles, expanding their repertoire and pushing the boundaries of their artistry.

We believe in the significance of expanding our artistic endeavors and engaging in collaborations with fellow artists, developing new projects and expanding the horizons of our creative constellation. Our aim is to explore the intersection of performance, live music, multimedia, and art, creating new dimensions and crafting innovative crossover projects that push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Ventus produced “Carmen Avis” - a unique collaboration that brought together skilled artists from various disciplines, including the animation team Skjald, dancer/choreographer Brittanie Brown, and composer Johan Söderholm. Through a dynamic fusion of animation, dance, and live music, "Carmen Avis" creates a captivating performance that transcends traditional art forms and establishes a deep emotional connection with the audience.

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Watch the animation for "Carmen Avis":